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. . . is a series of experiments, prototypes, virtual and analog interweavings and (re)interpretations, which all explore and question the relationship between architecture and art. Initially, it was created as a semantic and etymological play with the term "installation", which appears both in the architectural context (plumbing, sewerage, ventilation installations) and in the artistic context (art installations).




>>ИНСТАЛАЦИЈA 3.2.1<< 


is an apparatus for seeking answers to the following questions:

  • how an artistic artifact is created, how does it look like, and how is it perceived, if, for its creation, we use the same principles as when constructing architectural objects? * this entails a strict and precise linear elaboration of the project through architectural drawings and models


  • how different contexts and different realities affect the diversity of perception of (the same) artifacts * implying to the relationship between the chronological stages of the triptych ИНСТАЛАЦИЈА 3:

  • ИНСТАЛАЦИЈA 3.0.1 - virtual architectural sculpture presented in a virtual gallery space
    (virtual speculation of sculpture in virtually speculated space)


  • ИНСТАЛАЦИЈA 3.1.1 - physically made architectural sculpture (according to architectural drawings of ИНСТАЛАЦИЈA 3.0.1) presented in the Čubra-space
    (physical sculpture in physical space)


  • ИНСТАЛАЦИЈA 3.2.1 - photogrammetrically scanned architectural sculpture (3D scan) returned to the original, virtual gallery space.
    (virtual representation of physical sculpture in virtually speculated space)


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. . . the exhibition

>>ИНСТАЛАЦИЈA 3.1.1<< was opened.

you can see it through window display of >>ČUBRA<< space, every evening from 26.12.2021 until 24.01.2022 (address: gradić Pejton, access from Patrijarha Varnave Street)

the whole triptych >>ИНСТАЛАЦИЈA 3<<

will be exhibited on this platform at the end of January 2022.


24.1. & 25.1. 

...we'll open the doors of >>ČUBRA<< for the last visits, from 19h until 21h.

(gradić Pejton, access from Patrijarha Varnave Street)

(gradić Pejton, prilaz iz Ulice Patrijarha Varnave)

you can leave your e-mail and receive a note about the opening of the digital platform that follows this research, in which you can participate as well, with your (artistic-architectural) perspectives!


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